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Taylor -2 -The Rollercoaster


So onto week 2, with a rest day on Monday I took the opportunity to do a bit of something different to improve my fitness. This mainly consisted of a few press ups, stretches and core work, small steps to begin with but is something I have neglected for a quite a while, I’ll aim to do this on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays before upping the pace a little.

The weekly schedule

Week 2

Essentially as mentioned on earlier posts, its Rest, Hard, Easy, Hard, Rest, Hard, Hard and as I viewed the workout for Tuesday I was a little apprehensive.

Taylor -2

Taylor -2 Goals

Taylor -2 Blank

Look at the profile, each of those columns are efforts at 120% of my FTP, having not done much top end work I had visions of the workout ending before that last set, so how did I do?


I knew I’d be able to get on the trainer as soon as I got home from work so this helped me plan my pre-workout meal, 2 rice cakes with chocolate and a soreen banana loaf at 2pm, this really did the trick as I had no hunger issues until after the workout itself, needless to say I have stocked up on both items.

Set 1

Having done the brief warm up I began the first set, I managed to get a nice gear selection so that I could keep the cadence in the mid 90’s and to be honest I dispatched all of the 14 efforts with minimal fuss, I don’t think my heart rate went above 160bpm (max is 196).

Set 2 & 3

Set two was also pretty simple, the first set had given me real confidence that my health and fitness is bouncing back nicely. Midway through set three I almost upped the % but figured I’d just push on a bit more. You can see from the yellow lines that my efforts exceeded what was required.

Taylor -2 completed


A solid workout to start the week and a nice feeling in the legs. My legs began to feel the effort as the night went on but today after a good meal and decent nights sleep I’m ready to go again.

I don’t think you’ll find this in the “Top 100 recovery meals” book anywhere but it went down well. Pie, chips and peas – What an athlete!


Next workout: (Pettit: Easy)


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