Hunter (Sunday)

Hunter, the working title for one of my all time favourite movies “Predator”.


Having decided against the club ride instead of “getting to the chopper” it was a case of “GET TO THE TURBO ROOM”, no bazooka, or mini guns, it was 3 bottles, 2 rice cakes and 2 banana soreen bars for my longest session yet, 2 hours to be precise.

The workout

Hunter desc

Looking at the interval power required I felt totally comfortable this would be done without too much trouble, it ended up being a little harder than I thought. In fact I was so confident that I gave Netflix a go again, I could of course have put Predator on but I’d watched it only last week so I figured I’d give Breaking Bad another run out.

Interval 1

With 250W the target I breezed through the first 20 minute sweet spot interval at 258W average and began the recovery, which at 15 minutes was too long, particularly for the first one. I was fully able to follow Breaking Bad so with a bit more fuel added I began the next one.

Interval 2

A bit of a bump in power needed here, 261W the target. My pedaling remained solid, heart rate remained at around 160BPM until right near the end but again this seemed straight forward. I did toy with upping the target power but that would have made it threshold not sweet spot so I left it alone. Net result, 271W, 10 above target and time for that recovery again.

Having consumed 1 rice cake and 2 soreen bars already I took a bite out of my final rice cake then saw it drop on the floor, would I need those 15g of carbs? Should I climb and fetch something else? I decided not to!

What a waste!

You’ll note the industrial nature of my training room…


Interval 3

First part of the interval was fine but with 10 minutes left I was starting to feel the cumulative effects, I sure could go for that rice cake now! The target here was 251W, naturally I found myself above that but at this point despite the fatigue kicking in I was enjoying the session (and Breaking Bad). Heart rate never went above 160BPM (my max is 196) and the 20 minute lap finished with an average power of 262W, cool down time.


I binned the club ride off again, mainly because I had a few things to do and didn’t fancy having to rush around all afternoon after 60 miles on the bike, with the weather being poor it helped make the decision. Next week though I’m getting some road miles in!

So week 2 completed, no issues and it’s clear my legs are getting better and better as each session goes by, this is giving me more and more confidence that I’ll put in a good showing at some events in March, as I mentioned though I need some road time.

week 2 done

Current fitness

week 2 fitness

Week 3 looks like this:

Week 3

Next Workout: Bluebell (Vo2 max)




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