Week 3

Week 3

Two weeks down and now onto week 3 with the workout named “Bluebell”, sounds more akin to nice gently pedal around a lake somewhere but in fact it’s a VO2 max (top end) session, here is the synopsis.

Bluebell desc

And for those hard of hearing here it is in visual form. Looks tasty!

Bluebell graph

Let’s begin

Getting on the turbo pretty much straight from work is always advantageous, it stops that wind down feeling you get as your ass hits the sofa, so kitted up, bottles sorted, gel down the neck I began.

First set

I’m not going to say these were easy but I kept thinking to myself that I don’t feel they are pushing me hard enough, I did however appreciate there were 2 more sets after this so I just focused and got them done. As you’ll see from the graph below, all wattages hit were above the prescribed, so maybe inadvertently I am pushing that fraction more.

Second set

Rather than slowing down I continued hitting higher than required power outputs, the bigger challenge is the comfort on the bike. Old habits seem to be creeping back in and I just can’t quite nail my position again, cognitive stress adding to the VO2 max. Anyway, set 2 done, onto the last one.

Third set

Same power targets to hit, 340W on for 60 seconds, then 60 seconds rest, repeat 6 times. Again I played with the idea of aiming higher but given I was already doing that I carried on but aimed to do the last couple a bit harder still. You can see below that I managed that just fine. The numbers on the right: actual / target.

Overall summary

My increased efforts put the intensity factor up a bit but last night felt fine and today I feel good as well. These 1 minute efforts at only 120% of FTP should not be a problem if your FTP is set correctly, I’m pretty sure I could have targeted 360W (+20w) for the whole session and still hit it. Sixty seconds can feel like a long time but with a bit of determination you should get through them.

Bluebell graph completed

Good start to the week, onto the next one.

Next Workout: Pettit (very easy, I may alter this)






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