Having shuffled around my plan for this week, Friday night was the workout called Kaweah, I’ll let coach Chad give you the low down:



Kaweah is 5×10-minute intervals between 96-99% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals.

By spending time very close to lactate threshold while remaining just below it, riders can improve their sustainable power and muscle endurance by teaching their muscles to process high levels of lactate and tolerate the discomfort of acidic buildup without slowing down.

Cold in the Outhouse

Having consumed come caffeine and a gel the warm up passed by quickly and I was soon into the first interval. With temps down to 6 degrees Celsius it was a bit cold to start with, I could see the effort going into my legs by the visible air coming out of my mouth, but 10 minutes later the fan was back down to 1, first interval done.

After 5 minutes recovery I cranked out another 10 minutes at just below FTP, treating myself to a strawberry soreen bar at the end to top up on carbohydrates, then onto the next interval.

All 5 intervals were targeted at close to my FTP of 284W, the 3rd one being the closest at 281w and this one proved the toughest. On completion I reached for another gel and was slightly concerned I might need something else as I started to feel the cumulative effect.

Kaweah graph.PNG

Although my heart rate was increasing I soon had interval 4 out the way, recovered well then pushed out the final interval, that previous gel had just about lasted me but I was thankful it was over.

I’ve not got my heart rate monitor (HRM) connected with Trainer Road so this is the shot from my Training Peaks account. You can see the red line for my HRM drifting above the power line as each interval goes by, this is known as cardiac drift and is why measuring by power is much more effective for this type of training.

kaweah peaks.PNG

The full set



After my workout I took on board a protein gel which was pretty rank then hoovered up some chicken, rice and peas (if you didn’t say that in a Jamaican accent then read it again!). Job done.

Next workout: Pettit (easy)

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