Donner (Saturday) No kebabs though!

Hard not to think of kebabs but the workout in store was slightly more tasty than you’re used to. Here’s the blurb:

Donner Desc

And in graph form:

Donner graph start

Late start

Being Saturday this becomes a bit of anvil around the neck as despite being off work, family time takes priority and the session wasn’t done until later in the evening. I approached the workout reasonably confident as coming off a rest day and having not done anything too taxing in the day I felt pretty good.

Long story short on this, each interval was dispatched solidly, no dramas.

With my current FTP set at 284W, these intervals were being done close to that, I went over a bit again and recorded 282, 284 and 283W for the 3 intervals.

As you can see, I’m solidly above that target blue undulation, I added an extra bit at the end for cool down as I had either the club ride or TR workout to be done on the Sunday.

Donner Done

So far so good as I approach the end of week 2.

Next workout: Hunter (Longest one yet)



Pettit & Clark

Wednesday – Pettit

Pettit 6.2

The schedule for Wednesday was an easy hour of aerobic work, skipping this not an option, keeping the momentum going is really important and it all adds up, I’m a firm believer of the “the more you train, the more you can train” so keeping the sessions going should be a real positive approach to maintain.

Thursday – Clark

Clark desc

Starting later on the turbo always requires a bit more mental focus to keep in the zone but to be honest I’m already starting to bounce back fitness wise so the workouts look less daunting now anyway, but 90 minutes is still 90 minutes so you need to be ready.

Again I focused on being fueled up, this is paying massive dividends as I’m no longer starting a workout with a full stomach and needing my body to try and digest a bowl of coco pops eaten 20 minutes before while I’m doing hard efforts. I knew I’d be on the trainer at 6:30pm so at 3pm I ate my now customary rice cakes and soreen which topped me up nicely.

Clark 7.2

As you can see each sweet spot effort was preceded by a hard effort of 12 seconds just before it, this workout actually fits in quite nicely with racing as you tend to spend a lot of time at sweet spot but have harder efforts coming out the corners. I was a little lower than the target power on the first couple of stomps, mainly due to the lag from the turbo so on the later ones I spun my legs up quicker to hit the power.

Intervals 1,2 and 3.

These were all hit no problem, in fact I was above the power on all of them (full analysis below), mainly because I get into a rhythm and just keep it going, any dips below target on the graphs are momentary lapses of concentration not a weakening of the legs.

More about that concentration…. I’d started with a Trainer Road YouTube podcast but after 10 minutes I finally decided that from now on I’d just look at the numbers for my workout, I cannot do both. For easy recovery stuff it’s not an issue but where you are maintaining a power output that is a little taxing my brain cannot cope.

Intervals 4,5, and 6

I felt good, so I turned up the wick a bit, especially on the last one where I set the target power 6% above required, I even ended up more than that. I figured this was OK as I have a rest day today, Saturday and Sunday look much more challenging so it’ll be interesting to see how I cope with them, I’m hoping to deal with them in the same way.

265 / 255

271 / 261

275 / 266

274 / 261

277 / 255

278 / 263 (original target was 250)

Clark intervals


Another completed workout, fully on track for this week as I move into some threshold and longer sweet spot efforts at the weekend.

I’m spending a lot of my spare time reading up on lot’s of different training methodologies so I may look to tinker a little with some of the interval sessions, especially if the ones on the plan are being hit so easily. I’ll caveat that by saying as a wider experiment it may just be best to leave things as they are then experiment when this 6 week plan is done.

Current fitness

On the rise, this should see a nice bump over the weekend.

Current fitness 8.2

Next Workout: Donner (hard)

Taylor -2 -The Rollercoaster


So onto week 2, with a rest day on Monday I took the opportunity to do a bit of something different to improve my fitness. This mainly consisted of a few press ups, stretches and core work, small steps to begin with but is something I have neglected for a quite a while, I’ll aim to do this on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays before upping the pace a little.

The weekly schedule

Week 2

Essentially as mentioned on earlier posts, its Rest, Hard, Easy, Hard, Rest, Hard, Hard and as I viewed the workout for Tuesday I was a little apprehensive.

Taylor -2

Taylor -2 Goals

Taylor -2 Blank

Look at the profile, each of those columns are efforts at 120% of my FTP, having not done much top end work I had visions of the workout ending before that last set, so how did I do?


I knew I’d be able to get on the trainer as soon as I got home from work so this helped me plan my pre-workout meal, 2 rice cakes with chocolate and a soreen banana loaf at 2pm, this really did the trick as I had no hunger issues until after the workout itself, needless to say I have stocked up on both items.

Set 1

Having done the brief warm up I began the first set, I managed to get a nice gear selection so that I could keep the cadence in the mid 90’s and to be honest I dispatched all of the 14 efforts with minimal fuss, I don’t think my heart rate went above 160bpm (max is 196).

Set 2 & 3

Set two was also pretty simple, the first set had given me real confidence that my health and fitness is bouncing back nicely. Midway through set three I almost upped the % but figured I’d just push on a bit more. You can see from the yellow lines that my efforts exceeded what was required.

Taylor -2 completed


A solid workout to start the week and a nice feeling in the legs. My legs began to feel the effort as the night went on but today after a good meal and decent nights sleep I’m ready to go again.

I don’t think you’ll find this in the “Top 100 recovery meals” book anywhere but it went down well. Pie, chips and peas – What an athlete!


Next workout: (Pettit: Easy)

Geiger + 2

So onto Sunday, I’d actually been tempted to skip this workout in favour of the club group ride but with temps at -4 it was an easier decision to make to stay on track and get this workout done. I am going to get out next weekend though as it does make it easier to stay motivated when indoors. After a busy morning of dog walking, food shopping and cleaning I hopped on the turbo at just after 12pm to get my 90 minutes done.


Geiger +2 is 5×12-minute efforts spent in the Sweet Spot, 88-94% FTP, with short, 4-minute recoveries between efforts.


Sweet Spot intervals are all about furthering muscular endurance and enhancing aerobic efficiency.

Additional, related benefits include improved sugar storage in the muscles, better utilization of fat for fuel, a higher capacity for more intense workouts later on, and increased power output at moderate , largely aerobic intensities.

This is what it looks like:

geiger+2 plan

How I do it

Normally when I am training I don’t need the distraction of music or netflix etc but today I thought I’d give it try, 30 minutes in I turned it off. I find it off putting when I’m zoning in on hitting my power targets at sweet spot and above. Earlier in the week I did Kaweah which on paper was harder than Geiger+2, but that did not prove to be the case today, it felt hard, very hard.

It was one of those days, probably due to a bit of fatigue building up, but I was fidgeting around quite a bit on the turbo and the 12 minute intervals of which you can see there are 5 really seemed to drag on. Having had my breakfast at 6:30am and only a cookie in between I perhaps was a bit under fueled as well, Sweet spot training is bloody hard, it’s not one of those “just hop on the trainer” sessions, for me personally you need your brain in gear and some quality calories in your system.

No danger

There was never any issue with me completing this session it just felt harder than it should, the fidgeting around was affecting my pedaling no doubt but with a few grimaces the first two 12 minute intervals were hit just above target.

Intervals done: 2 / Food consumed: 1 x banana soreen.

Three more to go

geiger+2 completed

Looking at the above you can see that intervals 3 & 4 were solid, (with the help of one more soreen bar and a gel) the final interval was a bit more up and down as the fidgeting got worse, anyhow, final session of the week done.


A very hard session completed, felt much tougher than I thought and I’ve been pretty knackered since I climbed off the bike about 2pm. The fridge and snack cupboard has also taken a bit of a beating.

So to recap, 5 sessions to do, 5 sessions done.

Week 1 Done

Meme1 Vo2

Next workout: Taylor-2 (grim)

Pettit (Sat)

Quick update for this one.

Saturday evening and with time approaching 7pm, I really didn’t fancy doing this hour of training. A few reasons, one I was pretty tired, two it’s a workout where you’re just adding a bit of volume and three it was about -3 in the outhouse. If there is one session a week you can skip it’s this one, pleasingly I didn’t.


Pettit is an hour of aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-70% FTP.

Optional form drills include form sprints, speed-endurance intervals, and quadrant drills.

Aerobic Endurance workouts are aimed at improving your aerobic-power-producing capabilities in a low stress manner.

By riding for increasingly longer periods of time, your endurance muscle fibers become more efficient at utilizing fat for fuel and sparing sugar stores for more intense efforts.



As you can see from the above it was achieved without any issues and I actually felt pretty satisfied that I’d remained fully on track for the first week, if you skip a session it becomes easier to skip a session.

Takeaway from this session was that even though I wasn’t quite feeling it, the job got done and the chocolate tasted better as I chilled out later on.

Next workout: Geiger + 2 (difficult)


Having shuffled around my plan for this week, Friday night was the workout called Kaweah, I’ll let coach Chad give you the low down:



Kaweah is 5×10-minute intervals between 96-99% FTP with 5-minute recoveries between intervals.

By spending time very close to lactate threshold while remaining just below it, riders can improve their sustainable power and muscle endurance by teaching their muscles to process high levels of lactate and tolerate the discomfort of acidic buildup without slowing down.

Cold in the Outhouse

Having consumed come caffeine and a gel the warm up passed by quickly and I was soon into the first interval. With temps down to 6 degrees Celsius it was a bit cold to start with, I could see the effort going into my legs by the visible air coming out of my mouth, but 10 minutes later the fan was back down to 1, first interval done.

After 5 minutes recovery I cranked out another 10 minutes at just below FTP, treating myself to a strawberry soreen bar at the end to top up on carbohydrates, then onto the next interval.

All 5 intervals were targeted at close to my FTP of 284W, the 3rd one being the closest at 281w and this one proved the toughest. On completion I reached for another gel and was slightly concerned I might need something else as I started to feel the cumulative effect.

Kaweah graph.PNG

Although my heart rate was increasing I soon had interval 4 out the way, recovered well then pushed out the final interval, that previous gel had just about lasted me but I was thankful it was over.

I’ve not got my heart rate monitor (HRM) connected with Trainer Road so this is the shot from my Training Peaks account. You can see the red line for my HRM drifting above the power line as each interval goes by, this is known as cardiac drift and is why measuring by power is much more effective for this type of training.

kaweah peaks.PNG

The full set



After my workout I took on board a protein gel which was pretty rank then hoovered up some chicken, rice and peas (if you didn’t say that in a Jamaican accent then read it again!). Job done.

Next workout: Pettit (easy)

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