Pettit (Sat)

Quick update for this one.

Saturday evening and with time approaching 7pm, I really didn’t fancy doing this hour of training. A few reasons, one I was pretty tired, two it’s a workout where you’re just adding a bit of volume and three it was about -3 in the outhouse. If there is one session a week you can skip it’s this one, pleasingly I didn’t.


Pettit is an hour of aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-70% FTP.

Optional form drills include form sprints, speed-endurance intervals, and quadrant drills.

Aerobic Endurance workouts are aimed at improving your aerobic-power-producing capabilities in a low stress manner.

By riding for increasingly longer periods of time, your endurance muscle fibers become more efficient at utilizing fat for fuel and sparing sugar stores for more intense efforts.



As you can see from the above it was achieved without any issues and I actually felt pretty satisfied that I’d remained fully on track for the first week, if you skip a session it becomes easier to skip a session.

Takeaway from this session was that even though I wasn’t quite feeling it, the job got done and the chocolate tasted better as I chilled out later on.

Next workout: Geiger + 2 (difficult)

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